Monday, 15 April 2013

Working out with a boy

Occasionally, I train at Gymbox with my boyfriend. He gives me tips and guidance on training and helps me with my form. More often than not, working out with him would really take a lot out of me. I was knackered after this workout:

set 1: 5 at 40kg
set 2: 5 at 60kg
set 3: 5at 70kg
set 4: 5 at 80kg
set 5: 5 at 90kg
set 6: 1 at 100kg

90kg deadlift, 5 reps.

100kg deadlift, 1 rep

Bench Press:
set 1: 5 at 10kg
set 2: 5 at 30kg
set 3: 3 at 40kg
set 4: 5 at 35kg
set 5: 2 at 40kg

Chin Ups - a mix of hanging (which is still too difficult for me) and using the TRX straps.

Tricep Extensions on the Cable Machine at 6.25kg, 2 sets of 14 reps.

Failed attempt at Tricep Dips as you can see below:

Finished off with a little Muay Thai practice - Which I will talk about in my next post!

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