Monday, 11 February 2013

Bad form deadlifting

Today at the gym I was all prepare to do this weights routine:
Deadlifts - 3 set x10
Bench Press - 3 x 10
Underhand Close Grip Lat Pull Down - 3 x 10
Triceps Extension - 3 x 10

After performing the first set of deadlifts with 50kg, I thought I'd challenge myself to complete the other sets with 60kg. When I picked up 60kg barbell I felt an instant twitch in my lower back and quickly had to put down the weight. I didn't pay enough attention to my form. Rookie mistake! Now my back has been hurting all day. 

All I have to say here is that, FORM is very important! Now I think I'll have to rest from training for a day or 2. Not good! 


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Exercise Tip #1

You know how you get set in your ways with the order you do things at the gym? I for one always did my cardio first before weights. My tip today is to switch things up. If you're like me, why not start on the weights first, then move on to cardio? I have switched the two around. By doing this, I feel stronger since my muscles aren't tired out by the cardio first, therefore, I am able to lift more.

Chopping and changing your routine will prevent you from getting stale and bored!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Why do I run?

This article in The Guardian today has prompted me to think about the reasons why I run.

It all started in 2005 with the Bupa 10K. A few of my friends had entered the race and asked if I wanted to join. I thought to myself, "You're looking for a new challenge, why not?!" My main motivation to run was to lose weight. I had already lost around 15lbs in the past few years but could stand to lose a fair bit more. My weight had plateaued a this point. I had hoped that taking up running would give the weight shift a good kick up the back side.

I remember it being really tough pounding the pavement. I would run for a few minutes and then would have to stop to catch my breath. My aim at the beginning was to just run for as long as I could without stopping to rest. Running for 3km without stopping was such a big achievement!

Slowly but surely I worked up from 3km to 3miles, then eventually I was able to run 10km in the 1hr-1hr 15min range with no breaks at all. I was chuffed! On the actual race day, If I remember correctly, I passed the finish line in 1hr 10 minutes.

I had caught the running bug! Since then, I have entered into many a 10k's trying to better my PB's. My best time being 52 minutes. I have also entered half marathons (PB: 2hrs 1 minute) and managed the London marathon (with a bad knee I might add!) in 2010 in 5 and a half hours.

Medals from races over the years.

Reasons why I enjoy running?

1) It's just me and my music. I'm alone with my thoughts, it really gives me a sense of freedom.

2) It clears my head. When something is on my mind a long run really helps me think things through.

3) A sense of achievement. Running a distance that overwhelms you just thinking about it makes me go, "Wow, I actually ran that!". This happens when ever I look back at the 26.2 miles the marathon took!

4) It keeps me fit. As I have said, running has helped me lose weight and having strong legs feel great!

5) Running is the easiest sport to take up. All you have to do is lace up your trainers and run out of the door. There is no fuss to it.

Ok I have to say there are days where I would rather stay in bed than go for a run, but once I get pass that first hurdle of just getting out there I never regret any run!